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Dear Students,

You can actively contribute to make this nationwide fight against Covid-19 successful by strictly adhering to the following guidelines.

1 Wash you hands several times in a day especially after touching anything. The steps of hand washing that were explained during health counselling / hand-wash activity must be followed.

2. Use hand sanitizer when you are unable to wash your hands.

3. Devote at least half an hour every day for physical exercise.

Practice "Yogasanas" & "Pranayams" (breathing exercises) that you have learnt during your yoga sessions in school. This will definitely improve your fitness & wellbeing.

4. Eat healthy food which will help to boost up your immune system.

5. Try to avoid touching your face, mouth & head. You must not bite your finger nails.

6. Don't forget to cover your mouth & nose with your hanky/tissue paper/ bent elbow while you cough & sneeze. Wash your hands carefully after coughing/ sneezing.

7. Help your parents in keeping the house clean. The items (like door, knobs, mobile phone, TV remote, keyboard, Toys etc.) that are touched regularly must be cleaned with alcohol based disinfectants.

8. Follow the guidelines related to social distancing seriously. Don't move out of your house.

9. Utilize your time during the lockdown period in creative & productive activities.

Following the above mentioned guidelines & practising good hygiene will keep you safe

Take care and stay safe.

P. L. Verma


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